Can I sue an officer for using force in North Carolina? | Police Brutality Lawyer Burlington | North Carolina

“Law Enforcement officials have an obligation, however, to treat their arrestees (The person that has broken a criminal law), if you’ve been arrested that means that some law enforcement officer believes you have violated the law. He’s required by his oath of office to put you under arrest and bring you before a court official, if he believes that. There are ways he is required to do that. He is entitled to use force in order to bring you to a court official for a determination about whether you violated the law. But he’s not entitled to use excessive force, and the difference between appropriate force and excessive force is an area of the law that creates a lot of litigation. The answer is, yes you may sue a law enforcement officer for using excessive force to bring you to a court official. But he is entitled to use appropriate force, whatever is necessary to do that.”

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