Who can contest a will in North Carolina? | North Carolina Estate Litigation Attorney

Any interested parties can contest a will. Interested parties are the individuals or groups who seek to benefit from the will. Examples include family members, spouses, and close friends.

If you are seeking to contest a will, make sure not too much time has passed and contact the attorneys at Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law.


Keith Whited: Any interested party can contest a will. For instance, if the person has passed away, and there was an older will that left something to a stranger to the family will—”To my best friend, Joe, I leave my gold coin collection,”—but then later the person changes the will and leaves “everything to my children,” Joe would be an interested party, because if the second will is invalid because he didn’t have competence, then it would go back to the first will, where he would be the recipient of the gold coin collection. It makes Joe an interested party, even though he’s not a family member. Generally family members are interested parties, but you can also have non-family members that are interested parties.

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