If I get a ticket is the car accident my fault? | North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Receiving a ticket after a car accident does not necessarily indicate fault in the accident. Just because you were issued a ticket by a police officer does not mean the accident was your fault, and the ticket cannot be used as evidence against you. However, by paying the ticket or going to court and saying you’re guilty can be used against your case. This is called an “admission.”

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Keith Whited: There is a popular misconception that the person that caused the wreck has to get a ticket before you’re entitled to make a claim. That’s not true at all. As a matter of fact, the fact that someone is charged with a crime or an infraction is not even admissible in a civil case. You can’t bring into evidence the fact that they got a ticket. The fact that a police officer says on the scene, “You ran the red light. Here’s your ticket,” does not mean that the person that got the ticket is responsible for the wreck. It doesn’t mean it at all.

The point is that the person that’s bringing the claim can use the fact that they admitted that they were wrong. In other words, they paid the ticket off or they went to court and said, “Yes, I’m guilty.” It’s not the fact of the ticket that’s admissible. It’s the statement against their interest that’s admissible when they said, “Yes, I’m guilty for running the red light.” You can use that for what is called an admission against them in the civil case. It’s not the fact you got the ticket. Just because they got the ticket, there’s no reason—or didn’t get a ticket—there’s no reason not to seek legal advice.

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