What does probate mean? | North Carolina Estate Litigation Lawyer

To probate a will simply means to ensure that the will is 1) valid and 2) carried out accordingly. The attorneys at Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law can answer any questions you may have regarding estate litigation or contesting a will.


Keith Whited: Probate is a term that is used in the law that means nothing more than administering an estate. To probate a will just means to file it in a clerk’s office. You take it over there and file it, and then the clerk’s office is obligated by law to do what it says if it’s a valid document, and it is presumed to be valid unless somebody contests it. Then the clerk’s office in the state of North Carolina and all the clerks of court are obligated to do to the best that they can what the document says to do. So, if it says to give Grandma’s car to Granddaughter, they’re obligated to make sure that the car gets delivered. That’s what probate means.

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