Should I seek medical care after my accident? | North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

The Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law strives to elicit the best medical literature for your case. Often, if you do not seek medical attention within a few days after your car accident, the insurance company will try to claim your injuries were not caused by the accident. If you believe you are injured after an accident, seek medical care.


Keith Whited: This is just experience. It’s just being able to know how juries are going to react to their statement. It’s also being able to elicit the right medical testimony because the medical literature … For instance, in a soft-tissue whiplash case, the medical literature says, if you don’t have these symptoms within the first two or three days, then whatever symptoms occur two months down the road did not come from this event.

That’s what the medical literature says, and so if you’re in a car accident and do not seek medical attention and try to be brave and try to be strong, and that is a big human … particularly in North Carolina … There are great folks in North Carolina who try to be strong and don’t want to take advantage of anybody else and try to look after themselves and not get medical care. If you wait too long to get medical care, the insurance companies will defend your claim for damages by saying there wasn’t causation because you didn’t go to the doctor.

Insurance companies … one of the popular things they do is use the good spirit of hard-working people—being self-sufficient and self-reliant and trying to look after themselves and not go to the doctor—against them when they make these claims. If you believe you’re hurt, you should seek medical care.

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