Assisting Students with Expungement

After a student’s DUI/DWI or marijuana ticket has been dropped, the Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law can help them file a petition to the court for expungement. If this petition is accepted, the state of North Carolina will remove the student’s arrest from the police and court records.


Dawson Rouse: One thing that we assist students with, after we’ve disposed of their drinking ticket or their marijuana ticket, is what is called an expungement. What we do for the students is we file a petition to the court and a judge approves it. They send it to Raleigh, and they do a criminal background check.

If they’re eligible in the state of North Carolina, we’ll remove all records of their arrest from the police department and the court system. What that can do for you is when you’re later applying for a job, and you’re asked if you ever been charged with a misdemeanor, legally you can answer that question as “no.”