Car Accident Transcription


Keith Whited: Lots and lots of pages. People try to do this themselves. That’s generally not very wise, and that’s because insurance adjusters work with an insurance company. They don’t work for the person who’s calling to make the claim, and so they are looking for every flaw in the case. When you give a recorded statement—after a car wreck, for instance—they’re going to ask you questions to get you to say things that ruin your case.

In North Carolina, it’s only two states left in the United States that has the contributory negligence law. If you’re a driver in a motor vehicle accident, and you are 1% at fault for the wreck, you cannot recover even though the other guy is 99% at fault. So, that case stops, and then the adjuster calls you on the telephone and says, “We’d like to take your recorded statement.”

They know that. They know about the bar. They know what the law is, and you may not know what the law is, and so most citizens do not understand that what they say in that recorded statement will haunt them the rest of the case because your failure to pay attention can be a bar to your recovering and that’s very dangerous for people trying to do this themselves.

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