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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in North Carolina

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in North Carolina, you need to find the best North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney for your case.  At the Whited Law Firm, Our Criminal Defense Lawyers believe you need an attorney that is understanding, responsive about your case and also knows how to go to trial.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

When a prosecutor in North Carolina is looking over your criminal case, they are also evaluating your defense attorney.  Although you want to avoid going to trial, when a prosecuting lawyer sees an attorney with litigation experience, they know that it will be harder to win the case if it goes to trial.  The North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys at Whited Law Firm are seasoned litigators. Our law firm has been fighting for our clients in court for over 30 years.

Helping Defend Those Arrested in North Carolina For All Types of Crimes

The Whited Law Firm can help you if you have been accused of any type of crime in North Carolina including

Misdemeanor Offenses

  • Petty Larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Assualt

Felony Offenses

Drug Offenses

DWI/DUI Offenses

Underage Offenses

College Students

At the Whited Law Firm we also represent students accused of crimes from the following surrounding colleges:

We will listen to your case and be there for you.  Our attorneys are compassionate as well as vigorous in your defense.  If you or a loved one has been arrested in North Carolina make sure to hire an attorney that understands you and has experience fighting in the North Carolina Criminal Court System.