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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

With close to sixteen thousand students, UNC-G is the one of the largest student bodies in the state. With that many kids in one place, there will certainly be law enforcement out poking around where they know the students like to congregate. Greensboro Police issue a staggering number of underage drinking tickets and misdemeanor possession of marijuana tickets each year to UNC-G students, many of which may be successfully defended against in court.

Almost every student at some point in their college career will find themselves in need of legal counsel. Whether you received a traffic ticket while driving through North Carolina from campus back to where ever you call home, or you just happened to hold your friends beer at the exact moment an A.L.E. officer walked up behind you at a local bar, or you were charged with possession of marijuana, or if you jumped in the car to drive across campus and got a DWI, or even a fake I.D., I am here to help minimize your exposure to the judicial system as well as the penal system.

We’ve all had too much to drink at some point and or made some other mistake; don’t let those mistakes get in the way of the very bright future that UNC-G is preparing you to embrace. Remember, not only will criminal convictions potentially prevent you from obtaining future employment, but it can have adverse effects on your ability to continue your education as a Spartan, or at a graduate school sometime in the future. Call now for a free consultation if you have been recently cited by law enforcement for any sort of criminal or traffic matter.