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Marijuana Possession

The attitude of a lot of Americans towards marijuana is changing. The last few presidents of the United States have admitted to smoking marijuana, at least experimentally if not habitually. While the perception of marijuana among most younger people in this country is that it is a relatively harmless drug and one which may be medically beneficial to some, those who make the laws and a majority of those who elect them still disagree. Because of this, you could be facing serious consequences if you have been recently arrested for possession of marijuana, weed, pot, kind, dope, nugs, keef, kief, beasters, mids, middies, headies, marijuana seeds, or marijuana plants. No matter what you call it, the judge knows it’s illegal and you could be going to jail. The marijuana laws in this country are currently in a state of reformation. While this reformation is largely taking place in states to the west of North Carolina, our state has made some surprisingly generous concessions for the possession of marijuana in amounts small enough to constitute personal use.