Firm Overview Video Transcription


Dawson Rouse: The approach we take with clients is that we treat them as if they were our friends and family. We try to keep good relations with our clients, both when the case is going on and afterwards. We make an effort not to treat people as if they’re just clients.

Keith Whited: It is satisfying personally to be able to help people who are hurting, to offer aid to them and comfort to them. And it’s personally rewarding for myself and the other lawyers to provide that type of care. The other reason that it is really meticulous work. There’s two sides to every case. It’s not just how it happened but what happened. How were you injured? And at the Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law we are mainly a litigation law firm. We do…

Dawson Rouse: Personal injury, estate litigation, business litigation as well as criminal defense. We have extensive experience in assault, drug charges, driving while impaired, typically simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon…

Keith Whited: We do injury work, mainly as a plaintiff law firm. I do represent one small insurance company on the defense side, but I get both sides to work, and I’m able to understand as a plaintiff lawyer what the defense lawyers go through.

Dawson Rouse: When you’re selecting an attorney to handle your case, you want to be careful how you select them. You want to make sure that you’re using someone that you can trust not only with your case, but also with your money.

Keith Whited: They should be looking for lawyers that have actually tried their case because most cases settle before trial. Statistically, that’s true all over. So you’re only able to settle if the other side believes you can try the case. Otherwise, you have to settle at a figure that is less than your client deserves. So if the defendant is the one that’s getting through, if they don’t believe that you as a lawyer can actually try the case and present it to a jury and make it believable, then they’re not going to pay you what you deserve in a case because they think they can pay you out. They think you would settle for fear of having to try the case.

Dawson Rouse: We understand that every judge has different things they want to see in a case and certain things that will anger them and because of that—basically institutional knowledge that Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law has from existing for such a long period of time—we have an advantage that other law firms may not have.

Keith Whited: So, a client should be looking at a lawyer that’s not afraid of the courtroom, that likes the courtroom, that likes telling their client’s story. Otherwise, they’re not going to get the recovery that they deserve. You should really talk to the Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law or some other confident lawyer. You need good advice before you make any statements, before you sign any documents. You need help to do that. Need to talk to us about our experience. Meet Dawson. Meet the staff. Tell us about their case so we can get to know them. All that consultation time is free in the beginning. Then, they’ll be called on to make a decision about whether they want us to help them, and under what conditions. There’s always a written attorney fee and contract. If you don’t have one, ask for one. We’d like to write it down. We want our clients to know exactly what they expect from us and exactly what we expect from them.

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