Pedestrian Accident Attorney | Personal Injury Lawyer | Burlington NC

Pedestrian Accidents in Burlington, North Carolina occur more often than most people think. Every 111 minutes a pedestrian is killed in an accident. These accidents can happen for any number of reasons but the result is usually the same. The pedestrian involved is left with severe personal injuries.

Pedestrians and motorists both must obey the traffic lights at all times. Some common causes for Pedestrian Accidents include:

  • Stepping out into the street
  • Crossing street without Crosswalk
  • Vehicle driving through Crosswalk

If you have been injured or involved in a pedestrian accident, contact an attorney today. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney can ease the healing process by filing claim against the drivers insurance company and researching medical records. Two tasks vital to your case and may be difficult to accomplish if seriously injured.

If you have been personally injured or involved in a pedestrian accident contact Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law today. Our pedestrian accident attorneys are licensed in all 3 Federal Districts in North Carolina. And, if you’ve been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, we can come and meet you.