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In North Carolina, traffic tickets are issued by the thousands each month. Many of these violations aren’t that serious by criminal law standards, though many are; however, what is common to all traffic offenses and tickets in North Carolina is that if they aren’t handled correctly they can end up costing you literally thousands of dollars. Right off the bat you owe the state of NC $130.00 for the cost of court plus a fine which can range from $10.00 to several hundred dollars depending on the County in which you were cited. On top of the criminal fines being levied upon you by North Carolina, your insurance company is going to take full advantage of your traffic offense. Some of the more serious speeding charges in North Carolina can raise your insurance premiums by as much as 300% per year for three years. Many traffic violations will result in a suspension of driving privileges. A lot of people falsely believe that if they aren’t a licensed North Carolina driver or resident that they will not be suspended in their home state for a ticket issued in NC, or a North Carolina licensee mistakenly believes that a ticket in another state will not revoke their privileges in NC. Of course, neither of these is true. Even if you are a NC licensee and you receive a ticket in another state which isn’t serious enough to revoke you in the state in which it was received but is in NC, you will still be revoked.

In North Carolina, there are two point systems which must be considered when handling traffic matters. One point system is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles and can results in suspension upon the accrual of a certain number of points. The other point system, and the one with which most people are actually concerned, are insurance points. One insurance point assessed against you can result in up to a 25% increase in insurance premiums for three years.

In any event, you should conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the money it will take to hire a competent and experienced attorney to represent you on your traffic tickets versus an increase in your insurance premiums for three years.

Some types of traffic offenses include: