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Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are considered a moving violation and do result in points on both your driver’s license and on your insurance any time you are convicted of speeding. North Carolina provides several forms of relief statutorily and those various forms of relief are enforced in differing ways among the many counties in the state. Most people, when they receive a speeding ticket, will either pay it off when they are able to (meaning a mandatory court appearance is not required) or they go to court and either plead guilty or take whatever reduction the Assistant District Attorney is willing to give them, if any at all. Sometimes this works out well for the driver, but more often than not Assistant District Attorneys are offering a standard plea which typically is not the needed result to avoid suspension or increased insurance premiums. One thing to remember is that no matter how friendly the Assistant District Attorney seems and no matter how much they smile, they aren’t there to help you, they are there to prosecute you. Many times the plea that is offered will activate points on other older tickets that you had handled by an attorney or that you may have forgotten about because they were nearly 3 years old. What you are really paying for with an attorney dealing with speeding tickets is hopefully (but highly unlikely) a dismissal, and if no dismissal can be bargained for then you are paying to have that attorney analyze your driving record and determine the best course of action for your particular set of circumstances thereby minimizing the impact to your insurance. Don’t let your pride cost you thousands of dollars and potentially a loss of your driving privileges, call an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at the Whited Doby & Ray Attorneys at Law today for a free speeding ticket consultation.